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We carry the project beyond the stage of caring more than you and your dreams ...

The type of construction projects, determined by use of standards, within the framework of laws and regulations, without compromising quality, safe, functional and running smoothly transform the-art living space.


New Branch Office in Kerkuk, IRAQ

Our New Branch office in Kirkuk was rented and started to register. Our addresse is Bagdat Cad. Vahid Ceddu Building N.14 Kirkuk, IRAQ. Our office will start to service on 01th March, 2015. ...Continue »

Our new office in Erbil

We moved to new office in Rizgari Quran Cd Makhmour Way, Erbil. ...Continue »

Depac is an Autorised Reseller of Siemens and Hyundai Switchgear

Depac Energy is an autorised Reseller of Original Siemens and hyundai Swichgear after 01 th April 2015. We can support for all Siemens and Hyundai Switchgear. Our company is autorised of Emperor International of Dubai. ...Continue »

New Office Building in Arbil

Our New Address is Erbil after 08th January 2014 : 40m St, Near Zira'a Crossroad ...Continue »

6.International Energy Iraq Fair

Depac will be in Iraq Enegy Fair in C6. We will be pleasured to visit us. ...Continue »

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